lundi 27 mai 2013

A dans 15 jours ! / See you in 2 weeks !

Trop à faire, le tourbillon de fin d'année. Je reviendrai le coeur léger quand le plus gros de la tempête sera passé, là c'est encore trop la folie. Je prends une pause de temps en temps sur le blog de l'un(e) d'entre vous mais je n'ai pas le temps de venir tous les jours ou de mettre des photos. Là il n'est pas 9 heures et j'ai les yeux qui se ferment tous seuls.

Too much to do, the crazy end-of-the-year whirlwind. I'll be back with a lighter heart when the worst is over, now it's still too much. I take a break once in a while and read one of you's blog, but I don't have time to come here everyday or upload pictures. Now it's not even 9 pm and my eyelids are heavy.

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Dewberry a dit…

Don't worry Carole, take your time and don't get overworked. I'm an English teacher too! So I know what does it mean to be in an end-of-the-year whirlwind :) Currently I'm on my maternity leave so I don't have to worry about my students.

Salutations :)