jeudi 28 juin 2018

Un nouveau départ / A new beginning

Non, je n'ai pas disparu, mais les choses ont changé depuis 8 ans. J'ai envie d'air frais, de renouveau, et je pense à un retour sous une forme et des modalités différentes. Les grandes vacances approchent, et seront l'occasion d'implémenter tout cela. A bientôt et portez-vous bien !

No, I haven't disappeared, but things have changed - it's been 8 years after all. I feel like renovating this blog and going towards new things, so I'll be back with something new. The summer holidays are round the corner and will be the ideal time to tackle all this. See you soon and take care !

3 commentaires:

Lorrie a dit…

How lovely to see a post pop up from you today. I look forward to reading your blog again. Summer break has just begun for me - today was the first day. I took it rather slowly, but am now thinking of lots of things I'd like to accomplish. Bon courage pour les derniers jours de classe.

Bouts Choisis a dit…

Lovely to see you back. Will look forward to hearing your plans!

Carole a dit…

So, what you decided to do? I've been looking at my blog post, reminiscing .... my how it has all changed. Hope all is well with you.