mardi 3 juin 2008

Des fleurs / Flowers

Les choses avancent tout doucement, cet après-midi je fais jardinage / couture (lots pour la tombola de l'école) et je m'attaque petit à petit à la montagne de repassage qui s'élève vers le plafond...
Things are progressing slowly, this afternoon it's going to be gardening / sewing (things for the girls' school lottery) and I'm tackling one step at a time the load of laundry to iron that is piling up to almost the ceiling...

Nouveautés au jardin / What's new in the garden :

Ma première rose !!!!!!!!!! Bon, ce n'est pas la première car j'ai un Rosa Rugosa qui a fleuri avant, mais celle-ci me fait l'effet de ma première rose !!! N'est-elle pas magnifique ?? Thérèse Bugnet.

My first rose !!!!!!!!!! Actually it's not the first one because I have a Rosa Rugosa that bloomed before this one, but this one really FEELS like my first rose !!! Isn't it gorgeous ?? it's Thérèse Bugnet.

Je les ai reçus d'une voisine l'année dernière, et là la touffe a doublé et ils sont plus beaux et vigoureux !! Et leur parfum, super !

I got those from a neighbour last year, and now the bunch just doubled and they are more beautiful and sturdy !! And what a fragrance...

Une incarvillée, qui a déjà beaucoup changé de place depuis le début. Là je la croyais fichue et je l'avais oubliée. Eh bien voilà !

An incarvillea delavayi that changed spots a few times. I had forgotten about it and thought it had died ; well, there it is !

Et pour finir, les gypsophiles qui se sont ressemés, et qui apportent une touche de légèreté. Ce sont ceux qui étaient dans la petite boîte en cadeau d'anniversaire de mon blog.

And to finish, the self-sown baby's breath that brings a touch of lightness. They are the ones in the little box from the giveaway for my blog's anniversary.

2 commentaires:

Suzie a dit…

You have so many lovely flowers in your garden! I understand you have a lot of work there too, but I think the beatiful colours and sweet fragances make you happy!
Just hang on, summer vacation is almost there and then you can rest and enjoy!

Julie a dit…

Carole--Beautiful flowers. I received your heart and cards in the mail yesterday--made my day!!!Thanks so much. It was so exciting to receive something all the way from France. I hope it didn't cost too much to mail. I will post it on my blog tomorrow!! Thanks again and have a great day. Julie