lundi 15 mars 2010

Adieu mon lapin / Farewell my little bunny rabbit

Ce que je craignais est arrivé. Le vétérinaire n'a rien pu faire devant l'étendue des dégâts. Apparemment elle a proposé qu'on le recherche pour qu'il reste encore avec nous deux jours et qu'on en profite encore, mais Jean a préféré qu'un terme soit mis à ses souffrances - ce qui est une bonne chose (ses dents étaient en trop mauvais état, il ne pouvait plus s'alimenter comme il faut, ni faire sa toilette...). On a fait nos adieux ce matin, avant que Jean l'emmène, et il va beaucoup (nous) me manquer. C'était mon petit compagnon du matin qui me saluait lorsque je sortais pour jardiner - je lui donnais le pissenlit que je trouvais dans mes massifs et je lui parlais. C'était un lapin très sociable et les enfants du voisinage adoraient venir le voir et lui donner du pissenlit et du trèfle. J'espère que son séjour chez nous aura été agréable, et que nous aurons été des maîtres acceptables.
Elle - c'était une femelle, mais on disait toujours "le lapin" - repose dans le jardin, derrière la maison.

What I suspected has happened. The vet couldn't do anything, the infection was too bad. Apparently she proposed that we pick her up for another couple of days so she would be with us, but Jean prefered to put an end to her sufferings - which is a good thing because her teeth were damaged, she couldn't eat properly or clean herself...
We bade farewell this morning before Jean took her to the vet, and (we're) I'm going to miss her a lot. She was my little morning companion who greeted me when I came out to work in the garden, I fed her dandelions I uprooted in my flowerbeds and I talked to her. She was a very sociable rabbit and all the kids in the neighborhood came to see her, and feed her. I hope that her stay with us was pleasant, and that we were acceptable masters for her.
Now she rests in the garden, at the back of the house.

5 commentaires:

Lorrie a dit…

I'm sorry to hear this Carole. You will miss your sweet and gentle garden companion.


Elizabethd a dit…

Sympathies for you...but you will have so many sweet memories of your little companion.

Ewa a dit…

I feel so sorry for your bunny!
officially we have spring from coming weekend, so there will be no snow in Krakow when you come, but our nights might be biting cold end of March, so bring something warm with you.
I hope you will have nice time :)

Rubyred a dit…

Hello Carole,
so sorry to hear the bad news! It't very sad when this happens.The same happened to us a year ago with our lovely cat Peanut.Antibiotics wouldn't clear it up and he was 20 years old so the vet thought he wouldn't survive the op.
hope you have happier times soon!
Rachel x

Suzie a dit…

So sorry...Maybe you can get another one, or adopt one like we did. So lovely of you to bring her flowers.