dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Peu de temps... / Not much time...

Le rythme est très soutenu en ce moment, je travaille à flux tendu sur tous les fronts, et aujourd'hui nous allons dans le Bas-Rhin pour fêter l'anniversaire de notre neveu Arthur. Ca veut dire toute une journée où je ne peux pas avancer pour les corrections et le travail du bahut, donc moins de temps la semaine prochaine. Par chance le 24 ce sera les vacances de la Toussaint, ça tombera vraiment bien, car comme je le disais dans un post précédent, je suis en apnée et j'attends impatiemment de pouvoir reprendre mon souffle !

We are working at a rather fast pace now, working constantly on all fronts (at home, with the kids and in class), and today we are going to our nephew Arthur's birthday. (200 km there and 200 km back). It means a whole day lost for the papers and preparations for school, so less time next week. Fortunately on the 24th the holiday will start, I'm so looking forward to it, as I was saying in a previous post, I feel like I'm holding my breath and I'm eagerly awaiting the moment when I can take a breath again !

J'aurai également le temps de charger des photos de Sainte Marie, de confitures hongroises et d'autre chose qui m'échappe... je ne me souviens plus. Mais il faut que j'y aille, à bientôt !

I will also have the time to upload some pics of Sainte Marie, of Hungarian marmelade and something else I don't remember right now. But I've got to go now, see you !

4 commentaires:

Lorrie a dit…

Take the time to breathe a little every day - life can get so busy.


Dana Jones a dit…

I hope you might also post a recipe for hungarian Marmalade!

Dana Jones a dit…

Dear Carole,
Please add to your blogging duties your well-deserved award from Cabin Chronicles.

Kindest Regards,

Suzie a dit…

Dear Carole,
thanks for your kind words, it has been a hard time and he still needs therapy, but he is recovering veary well. I'm trying to get back to my normal activities and some sewings, too. I just can't believe how time flies by so fast...Where did the year go?....
It was very nice to get your messages! I hope you are doing fine and somehow having some time for yourself.
Kind regards