dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Qui veut des graines ??? Who wants seeds ???

Quelle semaine de folie... Laure était malade, on a passé une bonne partie de la nuit aux urgences pédiatriques mercredi... pas le temps d'aller au jardin ni à Sainte Marie aux Mines (ô désespoir !!!!) et plein de boulot à rattraper !!!
What a crazy week... Laure was ill, we spend a good part of Wednesday night in the pediatric ER... no time to go in the garden nor to the quilt festival in Sainte Marie aux Mines (oh, sheer despair !!!!) and lots of work to catch up on !!!

Le temps étant trop beau aujourd'hui, j'ai quand même fait un petit tour pour tuer quelques limaces, et arracher quelques mauvaises herbes. Eh bien, il y a plein de choses qui se ressèment, et des graines qui volent partout ! Si quelqu'un est intéressé, j'ai pas mal de graines (polémonium, soucis, oeillets de poètes, tulipes botaniques, ipomées... et certainement d'autres qui ne me viennent pas à l'esprit tout de suite... ah oui de grandes ancolies blanches et nigelles bleues), et pour ceux qui sont en France, et surtout s'ils prévoient de venir à Schoppenwihr, on peut envisager de se rencontrer si quelqu'un est intéressé par des aruncus (barbes de bouc), viola labradorica, helleborus niger, ancolies à ne plus savoir qu'en faire, spirée little princess, rosa rugosa... c'est tout ce qui me vient à l'esprit pour l'instant.
Des amateurs ?

The weather being too nice today, I went out anyway to kill a few slugs and pull out a few weeds. Well, there are lots of things re-seeding themselves, and seeds flying everywhere ! If anyone is interested, I have quite a lot of seeds (polemonium, calendula, sweet williams, nigella, botanical tulips, ipomea, and surely many others - yes, big white columbines). Unfortunately the reseedlings are for people in France, or ones I might meet at Schoppenwihr.
Anyone interested ?

2 commentaires:

Suzie a dit…

Well, I think I have enough in my garden already!!! Hope everything is fine with your daughter. Have a lovely week!

Lyse drømmer a dit…

Thank you so much for the cind words! Here up north, we are blessed with the most special light, so pictures taken outside will appear very clean and "good for the eye".
I love to take pictures, but very often there is so much other stuff to do so i dont get the time to do it. From what i can see, you live in France. I have got two girlfriends who lives in Paris, one who is a designer and design interior stuff for a company called Sia. The other just moved there and she is by the time a housewife. I and my mom own an interior store, so therefor the interess for beutiful homes and interiors. I hope you will wisit me another time. And i hope my blogg will inspire you.
Have a really good weekend.
Best regards form Unn Eirin, from one of the northest places in Norway.