lundi 18 avril 2011

It's thrifty week / c'est ? (comment traduire ?)

Je me suis inscrite chez Mrs Yappy Dog pour une semaine "thrifty" (j'avoue que je suis perplexe pour traduire ceci) ; ce qui s'en rapprocherait serait économique ? Mais le but n'est pas seulement de faire des économies, mais d'utiliser intelligemment et sans gaspillage les ressources que l'on a.
C'est ce que je m'efforce de faire tous les jours, et j'ai commencé ce matin par quelque chose que je fais souvent, et qui en plus est bon pour la santé : je marche jusqu'à la fontaine pour chercher de l'eau pour le jardin dans des bidons. Ce matin avant 10 heures j'avais déjà fait 5 trajets.

I'm taking part in a thrifty week at Mrs Yappy Dog's (I had a hard time translating this adjective into French, as the word I found would only emphasize the economical aspect, when the aim is not just to save money, but use wisely and without waste the ressources on hand.
That's what I try to do everyday, and this morning I started with something I do very often, and is very healthy : I walk to the village fountain, with two 5 liter flasks and get the water for my garden. This morning before 10 I had already been 5 times.

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Floss a dit…

Hi Carole, my computer was trying earlier to translate into French (it's very Francophone, my ordi) and it told me that 'Thrifty' is 'economique'. I guess that's the word you found, so I do understand that it doesn't really mean everything you want it to.

However, I love your thrifty idea. It is just Soooooooo French! We don't have a village fountain but we blessed the ones we found whilst out walking on a baking hot day last summer.

Lorrie a dit…

Wow, that's a thrifty commitment to your life - but both you and the garden benefit!

How is the young student?