mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Voici les dernier survivants des premières fortes gelées. Il a fallu tout couper, arracher le ? (bulbe ? vu la taille ça me paraît bizarre d'utiliser ce mot, si on compare ce que j'ai sorti de terre à un narcisse ou une tulipe... y a-t-il un mot plus spécifique ?) et le remiser à la cave.
Here are the last survivors of the first strong morning frost we had a couple of days ago. I had to cut out everything, uproot the ? (onion ? but it's way bigger than that, nothing like a tulip or a daffodil... what is it called in English ?) and store it in the basement.

Partout ailleurs ça avance, mais j'y vais mollo à présent, je suis allée faire un massage (réflexologie des pieds, mains et visage) et j'ai failli sauter au plafond quand elle est passé sur un point de l'orteil - le point qui correspond à l'hypophyse et la régulation du sommeil. Verdict de la masseuse : vous avez les batteries à plat, faites attention, vous devriez plus vous reposer !
C'est ce que je vais faire.
Everywhere else things are progressing, but I'm taking it much more easy now, I went for a massage (foot, hand and face reflexology) and I almost jumped up to the ceiling as she was working on one spot on my big toe - the one that corresponds to sleep regulation, and she said at the end that I was starting to run on "empty batteries", I should be careful and take more rest - so this is what I'm going to do.

3 commentaires:

Lorrie a dit…

La masseuse a raison. Il faut reposer.

En anglais on dit "tuber" pour les racines de dahlias. "Tubercule" en français selon le site WORDREFERENCE.COM

Les dernières fleurs sont beaucoup appréciées, non? Elles sont si jolies.

Toffeeapple a dit…

Was Lorrie correct with tuber? I was trying to find a translation for 'Wallflower' because mine are blooming again after starting in March, but I was unsure if you have them where you are.

Floss a dit…

You can say 'rhyzome' as well as tuber. I guess that's a Greek word?

In terms of the Tintin film, the French audience around us (we went to see VO) seemed happy enough, and I've spoken to a French friend who saw the VF, and she enjoyed it too. My little experts said the story had been messed about a bit but not detrimentally. There was one moment where Captain Haddock says something too 21st Century, but otherwise I think the film is safe for French Tintin traditionalsts. I'd love to hear what you think if you do decide to go and see it!